Featuring in the film “The Boondock Saints people”

Sean Patrick Flanery – Irish-American film entertainer. Connor McManus is known for his jobs in “The Boondock Holy people” and as the title character in “The Youthful Indiana Jones Annals.” Brought into the world in Louisiana. He experienced childhood in Texas. From his most memorable union with a little girl Lola. His subsequent spouse is a style model Lauren Michelle Slope. From her child. Dark belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and karate. There he and the canine, who is known as a doughnut. It is so named in light of the pleasantness she eats when a cast is shielded.

The Boondock Saints Unrated Director's Cut (1999) — Contains Moderate Peril

Norman Reedus Imprint – American entertainer. The most well-known jobs in the movies “The Boondock Holy people” and “The Strolling Dead”. Brought into the world in the province of Florida. I experienced childhood in California. There he started his profession. Throughout the long term, she filled in as a model for different brands, including Prada. He made his presentation as an entertainer in a little job in the film “Freak”. Support in the film “The Boondock Holy people” – its greatest work on the big screen. He has shown up in different low-spending plan films. The picture of Daryl Dixon is featured in the film “The Strolling Dead”.

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